Active Calendar

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Remote Support

On occasion, you might require the assistance of Active Data Staff when troubleshooting advanced configurations of the calendar. Remote support allows for Active Data Staff to securely access your calendar and provide assistance.

A status message, will be displayed on this page which displays time remaining for remote support, or the date and time which your previous request expired.
Two options are available in the Remote Support Area:
  • Allow Remote Assistance
  • Do Not Allow


Allow Remote Assistance

Selecting this option will enable remote support, once selected the following configuration options will be displayed.

  • Duration
  • Impersonate User



Allowing remote support requires setting a duration. The support duration will dictate the number of hours that Active Data will be authorized to access your calendar remotely. Once the duration has passed, Active data will no longer have access to remotely support you. The support access will be reverted to, "Do not allow" and you will need to re-submit your remote access request to allow Active Data to further support you.

The following durations are available from the drop down menu:
  • 8 Hours
  • 12 Hours
  • 24 Hours
  • 48 Hours


Impersonate User

Use the impersonate user feature to apply a specific user's permissions when your calendar is being accessed by remote support.

All users will be listed in the drop down, additionally a "Don't impersonate" option will be displayed.
  • If a user is selected from the drop down, remote support would inherit that user's permissions when accessing the calendar.
  • If the, "Don't impersonate" option is selected the support user will have the same level of access as a tenant administrator.