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Welcome to the Event Publisher Announcement Page. Dude Solutions Inc. will update this page with new information pertaining to all versions of Event Publisher.

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WCAG Level 2.0 AA and Your Calendar

We are excited to announce that with the Event Publisher Fall Release rolls of Thursday, November 17th 2015 Event Publisher has become WCAG level 2.0 AA compliant. This upgrade may result in changes to the look of your calendar because of CSS changes. For your convenience, we are documenting all updates made to the CSS below.

  1. view-type h2 Change To: #view-type h3
  2. .list-event-preview h2 Changed To: .list-event-preview h3
  3. .list2 #main-content h5 Changed To: .list2 #main-content h4
  4. nav#view-type ul li h2 Changed To: nav#view-type ul li h3
  5. #main-content h5 Changed To: #main-content h4
  6. .quick-link-container i Changed To: .list2 .quick-link-container span

Remember to preview your Event Publisher and ensure your styling and branding remain intact before the Fall Release rolls out. Please reference the directions below.

  • If your calendar was on the shared domain, you can preview the calendar on
    • For example, would be available for preview on

  • If your calendar was on your own domain you will type your domain after
    • For example, would be available for preview on

Please note, this compliance level applies only to the default layout, you are responsible for maintaining compliance of your calendar if you have added any custom CSS or JavaScript to change the branding (look and feel) of your calendar.

For questions regarding WCAG Level 2.0 AA, please reach out to

Application Maintenance Window

In order to provide you with the best level of service Dude Solutions' Network Team performs maintenance weekly, every Thursday starting at 10:00 PM ET and ending Friday at 5:00 AM ET.

Normal system maintenance can occur without notice during this window. During this time various application functionality might be slow or unavailable. Additionally,"emergency" maintenance can occur at any time, however this typically does not result in slowness or unavailability.