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Global Custom Fields

Use this page to configure named sets of additional event-related display fields. The custom fields you add here are shared with all your calendar sites. Global custom fields are best used to standardize the event entry process across all of your calendar sites. Global custom fields are displayed to site visitors when browsing events. Additionally, administrators can use global custom fields to create shares, customize the search bar on the calendar front end, and configure event aggregation.

Set Up Custom Event Fields

This section is used to add custom fields to the event creation screen. You can create an unlimited number of Global Custom Fields. This page contains a single + button and the text: "Add new global custom field". Selecting the button, or clicking the text will add a new global custom field.

If you have previously created Global Custom fields the list of currently defined custom fields will be displayed. There are two actions that you can take on existing custom fields, Edit and Delete. These actions are contained within the Actions drop down in the table. Select Edit from the drop-down to see the list of available options to change them. Click an existing field's Delete link to remove that field from the list. NOTE: Deleting a field can not be undone.

Add a new Global Custom Field

Select this option if you wish to add an additional Global Custom Field. When you select this option will need to provide the following information to complete adding the field.

Image of create a Global Custom field, with no values defined.
  1. Name: The field's name, it will appear on the Add an Event page, and in event descriptions. For example, account code, activity type, or audience.
  2. Active: If selected, the field is available to event authors, can be set as a search field, applied as a filter to aggregation or shares.
  3. Required: If selected, the event author cannot leave the field blank on the Create an Event page.
  4. Multi-Select: If selected, an event author can choose more than one option from the list of availble options on the Create an Event page.

Image of create a Global Custom field, with no values defined.
Once you have provided a name, and selected the appropriate options (Active, Required, Multi-Select) click the Submit button.
Image of create a Global Custom field, with values defined.

Adding Options

Options are the list of values available for a Global custom field. To add a new option click the + button or "Add new option" text. You can have as many options as you need, there is not a limit to the number of options available.

After clicking Add new option a new table will be displayed, allowing you to specify the Option Name, and Actions Menu.
  1. In the Global Custom Field text box, type the name of the option to be added. For example, if you were creating a global custom field for audience, you might type "Students".

  2. Image of options area in global custom fields
  3. From the actions drop down, select insert to add the new option.

  4. Image of Actions Drop Down in global cusotm fields.


Available functions

Other actions available on this page include:

  • Submit: Add the currently displayed custom field to the site, or save your changes to an existing custom field.
  • Return to List: Leave this page, discarding changes.