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Locations are the places where events happen. Administrators set locations up using this page. Event authors can then assign to their events the locations that show here.


Locations have a fixed structure (up to six hierarchic levels). Clicking on a location name at a given level displays the child locations associated to it (or a blank list if none exist). Visitors can search for events based on their location. Your Calendar Site can have an unlimited number of locations, and up to six levels of child locations.

  • Location level 1 (parent location)

  • Location level 2 (level 1 child location)

  • Location level 3 (level 2 child location)

  • (etc., up to level 5 child locations of location level 1)

Working with locations


Adding a new location

To add a new location to your site:

  1. Click the Add new record link (or the "plus sign" beside it) to add a new location to the site.

  2. In the new row that appears, enter the new location's name and other information.

  3. If you want the location to be available to event authors, select the Active option.

  4. Click the Insert link to add the location to the site, or click the Cancel link to discard any data you entered and return the previous page.

Available options

Options available for locations include:

  • Active: Designates the location as available for events.

  • Selectable: Designates the location as searchable by visitors.

Available functions

Functions available for locations include:

  • The Look up using Google link attempts to determine the latitude and longitude of the location. This function depends on entering sufficient street address information.

  • The ... link takes the page back up one level in the location hierarchy.

  • The location name link beside the ... reloads the current location page. It's really intended as an indicator of the current parent location.

Modifying an existing location

To change a location that's already defined in the site:

  1. Click the Edit link to enable editing the row.

  2. Change the location's information.

  3. Click the Update link to save the changes, click the Cancel link to discard any changes and leave the edit mode, or click the Delete link to remove the location from the site.

Deleting an existing location

Remove a location that's defined in the site by locating it in the list, clicking its Edit link, then clicking its Delete link.

Other available functions


  • Refresh: Clicking this icon or link reloads the page, showing any changes made to locations since the page loaded.